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The New Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Cards Everyone’s Talking About — Here’s Who They’re Good For

[Million Mile Secrets] The New Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Cards Everyone?s Talking About ? Here?s Who They?re Good For: Chase just announced 3 new Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit card offers.  You can earn 30,000 Southwest points AND the Southwest Companion Pass, which will be good through December 31, 2019.  You’ll have to spend $4,000 in the first 3 months.  You can get the Companion Pass, which is the best deal in travel, for signing up and meeting the minimum spending requirement for just 1 credit card.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus ? This card has the lowest annual fee among the Southwest personal cards.  Team member Keith’s wife applied for it and was instantly approved.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier ? This is a better option for folks traveling overseas because you won?t pay foreign transaction fees

Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority ? This is a premium Southwest card.  You?ll earn 7,500 bonus Southwest points every card anniversary and $75 in annual statement credits for eligible Southwest credit cards

With the Southwest Companion Pass, getting 30,000 Southwest points is like getting 60,000 Southwest points.  That’s because you can add a designated travel companion to your ticket without using any additional points!  All you have to do is pay the taxes and fees, which is usually ~$11 per person.  And you can add your companion to flights paid for with points OR to flights paid with cash!
I’ve had the Southwest Companion Pass for ~6 years, and LOVE IT!  I’ve saved a lot of points by being able to add my companion for free.  Last year, we went to San Diego, Costa Rica, Washington, DC, and other cities with the Southwest Companion Pass.  And Southwest Airlines will be flying to Hawaii any moment now!
Who Are the New Chase Southwest Airlines Credit Card Offers Good For?

People with who travel with the same partner
People who live near an airport with Southwest availability & frequently travel to other Southwest destinations
People who can’t or don’t want to get 2 credit cards, but still want the Southwest Companion Pass.  Previously, one of the easiest ways to get the Companion Pass was to apply for 1 business credit card and 1 personal credit card
Families of 4+ who want to get 2 Southwest Companion Passes.  Each spouse could add 1 child as their companion
People who can?t or don’t want to get business credit cards
People who can?t hit the high minimum spending requirements that are included with the other Chase Southwest Credit Card offers

What I’m Doing
I already started (and nearly finished!) the process to get the Southwest Companion Pass the traditional way — by signing up for 2 credit cards.  I like that I will have close to 2 years with the Southwest Companion Pass, and that I’ll be getting 120,000 Southwest points after I finish all of the minimum spending required.  Those points are worth 240,000 Southwest points because I get to add my companion for nearly free (I just have to pay taxes and fees).
The new Chase Southwest Airlines personal credit card offers include the Companion Pass until December 31, 2019, and only include 30,000 Southwest points.
You can still get the:

Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card (I got approved for this credit card with my small photography business)

Even if I hadn’t already started the process of getting my Southwest Companion Pass, I’d probably still get my Companion Pass with 2 credit cards.  That’s because I’m getting almost 2 years of adding my companion for nearly free (rather than just 1 year), and because I’ll be earning a total of 120,000 Southwest points (instead of 30,000).
Southwest Airlines Is My Favorite Airline.  That’s Because Southwest Airlines:

doesn’t charge cancellation or change fees
includes 2 free checked bags per ticket
has the best frequent traveler program (Rapid Rewards) in my opinion because points are easy to collect and easy to redeem
is part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partner network.  I can transfer my Chase points to Southwest for free!
has the Southwest Companion Pass, which is the best deal in travel

Which Southwest Airlines credit card offer do you think is the most attractive?  Let us know in the comments below!

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