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  • Sony Semiconductor Factsheet

  • Moose Podcast #32

    Click to listen to Episode 32 and iTunes   Howdy and welcome to the Moose Podcast! […]

  • Cameras are 9.25% of Samsung Galaxy S8 Cost

    TechInsights completes its teardown report of Samsung Galaxy S8, and publishes an estimation of the phone's BOM. The cameras are about 9.25% of the BOM, down from 10% in the last year's S7:

  • Need for Speed in Thermal Sensors

  • PCO Compares Image Sensors DR

    PCO DR whitepaper gives compiles a table comparing various image sensors DR. The rolling shutter BAE sCMOS sensor outperforms all global shutter alternatives:

  • Moose Podcast #31

    In this episode It's about satisfaction

  • Analog Devices "Material Sensing Platform"

    Analog Devices one more time demos its IR spectrometer-based Material Sensing Platform for smartphones, developed together with Consumer Physics. The previous demo is here.

  • KAUST Interview with Eric Fossum

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia publishes an interview with Eric Fossum on CMOS sensor invention history and Quanta image sensor:

  • Mobileye CEO Demos Self-Driving Car

    Mobileye CEO and Co-Founder Ziv Aviram demos his company self-driving car in the 360-deg surround video:

    The full presentation at YPO Edge 2017 held in Vancouver, Canada can be seen here.

  • 3D Imaging and AF Application Drive VSCEL Market

    Yole Developpement IR light sources analysis shows that VCSEL market is set for a high growth due to wide adoption of 3D imaging and active ToF AF systems:

  • Algolux Presents its ISP Tuning Solution

    Canadian startup company Algolux presents its ISP image quality tuning solution based on machine learning:

  • ON Semi Demos LED Flicker Reduction

    ON Semi demos its AR0231LFM automotive image sensor with LED flicker mitigation:

  • Moose Podcast #30

    In this episode The art of the presentation

  • Lighting 103: Using Gelled Flash to Correct Ambient Light

    Abstract: You can alter your camera's white balance and gel your flash to "correct" nearly any ambient light color shift. But should you?Read more »
  • Moose Podcast #29

    In this episode "It can't be me, it's the camera!

  • Sony to Introduce 100MP and 150MP Large Format BSI Sensors in 2018

  • Entropix Pitches Dual Cameras for Security Applications

    Entropix proposes dual cameras for security and surveillance applications:

  • LiFi Basics and Recent Progress

    SPIE publishes a video by Harald Haas of University of Edinburgh and pureLiFi Ltd. explaining LiFi basics and the recent progress:

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