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  • Apple Testing Different LiDARs and Cameras

    Macrumors publishes images of Lexus car with Apple-equipped set of LiDARs and cameras. Apparently, Apple is testing different configurations and comparing the data quality coming from them:

    Thanks to OB for the link!
  • Moose?s Podcast 48

    In this episode Brillance of execution

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    In this episode Playing Photographer

  • Omron Vision Platform

    Omron shows its HVC-P2 vision platform capabilities:

  • Sony Promotes Slow Motion 4K Imaging

    Sony video shows 8x slow motion 4K video attributed to the recent progress in its CMOS sensors:

  • Yole and WCP Smartphone Depth Sensing Report

    Yole Developpement and Woodside Capital Partners publish "Smartphone Depth Sensing" report dated by July 2017. Few slides from the review:

  • Sony Kumamoto Earthquake Video

    Imaging Resource publishes a video on Sony Kumamoto fab earthquake damage and a recovery effort that brought fab back to life in a so sort time:

  • LG Announces Smartphone Camera with F1.6 Lens

    BusinessWire: The upcoming LG V30 smartphone is said to have camera module with F#1.6 lens, said to be the brightest in smartphones. I wonder what is the effective aperture of the pixels in the sensor and whether it makes use of the so bright lens.

  • Stacking Technologies Overview

  • Moose?s Podcast #46

    Click to listen to Episode 46 In this episode Head in the Clouds? and iTunes   […]

  • Smartphone Cameras Go from Double to Triple

    GSM Arena reports that the upcoming Vivo X20 (Xplay 7) smartphone features 5 cameras - double on the front and triple on the rear sides:

  • Moose Podcast #45

    In this episode The Key to Success is ...

  • Podcast #44

    In this episode Keeping Gear Safe

  • DVS Camera for Drones

    Zurich University spin-off and event-driven sensor patents licensee Insightness presents its camera for drone navigation and obstacle avoidance:

  • Sony Unveils Variable-Speed Global Shutter Sensor

    Sony publishes a flyer of IMX428LLJ monochrome global shutter sensor featuring "variable-speed shutter function (resolution 1 H units)":

  • Videos from AutoSens Detroit Demo Sessions

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