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  • Functional Safety in Automotive Image Sensors

    ON Semi publishes a webinar on Evaluating Functional Safety in Automotive Image Sensors:

  • Exvision High-Speed Image Sensor-Based Gesture Control

    Exvision, a spin-off from University of Tokyo's Ishikawa-Watanabe Laboratory, demos gesture control from far away, based on a high speed image sensor (currently, 120fps Sony IMX208):

  • SensL Demos 100m LiDAR Range

    SensL publishes a demo video of 100m LiDAR based on its 1 x 16 photomultiplier imager scanned in 5 x 80 deg angle:

  • 3D Camera Use Cases

    Occipital publishes few videos on a 3D camera use cases:

  • Turkish Startup Demos CMOS Night Vision

    Ankara, Turkey-based PiKSELiM demos low-light sensitivity of its 640x512 CMOS sensor operating in the global shutter mode at 10fps and using an f/0.95 C-mount security camera optics:

  • Moose?s Podcast #51

    In this episode The Long Landscape

  • Image Sensors in AR/VR Devices

    Citibank publishes a nice market report on Augmented and Virtual Reality dated by October 2016. The report emphasize a large image sensing content in almost all AR/VR devices:

  • iPhone X 3D Camera Cost Estimated at 6% of BOM

    GSMArena, MyFixGuide quote Chinese site ICHunt.com estimating Apple iPhone X 3D camera components cost at $25 out of the whole BOM of $412.75:

  • Moose?s Podcast #50

    In this episode The Jpeg & D850 workflow

  • Dual Camera Trend Reaches Extreme Low-End Smartphones

  • Leti Announces High Resolution Fingerprint Pressure Sensing Technology

    Leti announces readiness of the new technology of very high-resolution (>1000 dpi) fingerprint sensor based on a matrix of interconnected piezoelectric ZnO nanowires:

  • Moose?s Podcast #49

    In this episode D850 Special edition

  • ST Presentation on Automotive HDR Processing Pipeline

    Autosens publishes ST presentation on its HDR ISP for automotive cameras from the converence in Detroit in May 2017:

  • Autosens Detroit 2017 Videos

    Autosens publishes videos from its Detroit conference in May 2017. Here is few of them talking about image sensing:

  • Apple Testing Different LiDARs and Cameras

    Macrumors publishes images of Lexus car with Apple-equipped set of LiDARs and cameras. Apparently, Apple is testing different configurations and comparing the data quality coming from them:

    Thanks to OB for the link!
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