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  • Velodyne LiDAR Lecture

    In a rare public lecture, Velodyne explains its view on the automotive LiDAR history and market:

  • SensL 100m Ranging Demo

    SensL demos a 100m range detection with its SiPM sensor:

  • MEMSDrive OIS vs. VCM-based OIS

    MEMSDrive publishes comparison videos of its OIS against iPhone X and Galaxy Note8 VCM-based OIS:

  • 12nm Pixel Size

  • Moose Podcast 61

    In this episode Don't Be a Photographer

  • Huawei is Reported Preparing Triple Rear Camera Smartphone

    XDA Developers quotes Venturebeat reporter Evan Blass twitted about the oncoming Huawei smartphone featuring triple rear camera smartphone with 40MP resolution and 5x zoom:

  • Google on 3D Sensing in AR Applications

  • Yole Talk on TSV Technology

    Most of the Yole Developpement webcast on TSV technology is devoted to stacked memory integration, but there is also some image sensor content, especially from 28:00 to 38:00 time:

  • Espros ToF Sensors Lineup

    Espros November edition of its newsletter (email-only, yet to be posted on their web site) shows an extensive ToF sensors lineup:

  • Strobist Lighting Cookbook

  • Moose Podcast #60

    Click to listen to Episode 60 In this episode “Phtoography is a Leap of Faith” and […]

  • IFNews 2018 Mobile Imaging Predictions

    IFNews publishes its predictions about 2018 smartphone market, including 3D cameras and AI adoption:

  • NHK on 8K Image Sensor Development

    IEEE Broadcast Symposium publishes NHK Hiroshi Shimamoto video presentation "Development of 8K UHDTV Cameras and Image Sensors:"

  • Automotive Imaging Technologies Compared

    BrightWay Vision publishes a Youtube video comparing Velodyne lidar, Autliv-FLIR thermal camera, RGB camera, and BrightWay gated imaging system in bad weather conditions: at night, 50mm per hour rain, and fog with 60m visibility:

  • Moose Podcast #59

    In this episode "If you had just one lens ..."

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