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  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Imaging and Vision Features

    Samsung Galaxy S9 presentation seems to be build mostly around its cameras, imaging and vision features:

  • ?I probably built this airplane.? Boeing employees share their love for Seattle?s own Alaska Airlines

    Boeing employees in the Seattle area recently shared their thoughts about flying the hometown airline. What’s your Alaska Airlines story?

  • Automotive Videos

    ULIS publishes a Youtube demo of its thermal sensors usefulness in ADAS applications. One can see how hot the car tires become on the highway, while keep being cool in city driving:

    Sensata prizes Quanergy LiDAR performance:

  • EETimes Reviews ISSCC 2018

    EETimes Junko Yoshida publishes a review of ISSCC 2018 image sensor session, covering Sony motion detecting event-driven sensor:

    Microsoft 1MP ToF sensor:

    Toshiba 200m-range LiDAR:

    and much more...
  • Hamamatsu Innovations

    Hamamatsu publishes a number of videos showing its image sensor improvements:

  • PhotonicsWest: SWIR Cameras, HDR, Chip-on-Tip

    PhotonicsOnline publishes a number of videos from Photonics West 2018 booths:

  • Lightfield Imaging in Automotive Applications

    AutoSens publishes a talk "Plenoptics: the ultimate imaging science and its application to automotive" by Atanas Gotchev, Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies (CIVIT), Tampere University of Technology, Finland:

  • Espros Presents 3D Face Scan with 130um Depth Resolution

    Espros publishes a video of 3D face scan of its CEO Beat De Coi. The epc660 sensor scan features:
    • Simultaneous acquisition of 3D TOF and grayscale images
    • Distance resolution 0.13mm
    • 5 images per second with a 1 GHz ARM8 processor

  • Occipital Raises $12M More

    Techchrunch: San Francisco-based 3D camera company Occipital has closed $12m of the planned $15m Series C financing round. The round is being led by the Foundry Group. The company has raised about $33m to date.

  • CAOS HDR Camera Presentation

    AutoSens publishes a video Nabeel A. Riza, University College Cork, Ireland, presentation "CAOS Smart Camera ? Enabling extreme vision for automotive scenarios"

  • Sony on Image Sensor Requirements for Autonomous Driving

    AutosSens 2017 publishes Sony Director of Product Marketing for Automotive Sensing, Abhay Rai, presentation on requirements to image sensors for autonomous driving. The presentation also shows Sony image sensor division acquisitions and achievements:

  • Cybersecurity in Image Sensors

    ON Semi publishes Giri Venkat talk at AutoSense 2017 on Cybersecurity Considerations for Autonomous Vehicles Sensors:

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