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  • GM 4th Gen Self-Driving Car Roof Module

    GM has started production of a roof rack for its fourth generation Cruise AV featuring 5 Velodyne LiDARs and, at least, 7 cameras:

  • MEMSDrive OIS Technology Presentation

    MEMSDrive kindly sent me a presentation on its OIS technology:

  • Beer Idenitfication with Hamamatsu Micro-spectrometer

    Hamamatsu publishes a beer identification article showing it as an application for its micro-spectrometers:

  • Adafruit Publishes ST FlightSense Performance Data

  • Chronocam Presentation at AutoSens 2017

    AutoSens publishes Chronocam-Prophesee CTO and Co-Founder Christoph Posch presentation "Event-based vs conventional cameras for ADAS and autonomous driving applications:"

  • Image Sensor Performance Improvements over Time

    Multianalytics Blog publishes nice videos of image sensor performance progress over the years:

  • Pixart Q4 2017 Report

    Pixart keeps diversifying its image sensor portfolio with some degree of success:

  • SLC-0L-01: Flash or Continuous, Light is Light

    In Lighting 101, 102 and 103, we learned to control our flashes. In the Strobist Lighting Cookbook, we're expanding that approach to learn to move in a fluid way between flash and continuous light. Read more »
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Imaging and Vision Features

    Samsung Galaxy S9 presentation seems to be build mostly around its cameras, imaging and vision features:

  • ?I probably built this airplane.? Boeing employees share their love for Seattle?s own Alaska Airlines

    Boeing employees in the Seattle area recently shared their thoughts about flying the hometown airline. What’s your Alaska Airlines story?

  • Automotive Videos

    ULIS publishes a Youtube demo of its thermal sensors usefulness in ADAS applications. One can see how hot the car tires become on the highway, while keep being cool in city driving:

    Sensata prizes Quanergy LiDAR performance:

  • EETimes Reviews ISSCC 2018

    EETimes Junko Yoshida publishes a review of ISSCC 2018 image sensor session, covering Sony motion detecting event-driven sensor:

    Microsoft 1MP ToF sensor:

    Toshiba 200m-range LiDAR:

    and much more...
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