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  • Pico Presents Zense ToF Camera

    NotebookItalia: China-based Pico presents Zense camera, its first foray into ToF sensing. The depth processing is based on Rockchip RV1108 with CEVA XM4 vision IP:

  • Velodyne Lidar 101

  • Trioptics Active Alignment, Assembly and Testing of Camera Modules

    Germany-based Trioptics demos Procam, its modular manufacturing line for active alignment, assembly and testing of camera modules in mass production:

  • Fiat-Chrysler Autonomous Car Relies on 5 LiDARs and 6 Cameras

    Fiat-Chrysler 5-year plan presentation shows its Level 4 autonomous car with 5 LiDARs and 6 cameras. Most of the LiDARs are defined as "mid-range" possibly meaning their range is shorter than 200m for a cheaper price:

  • ON Semi Talks about Automotive Pixel Technologies

    AutoSens publishes an interview with ON Semi talking about "Super Exposing" pixel that reduces LED flicker and other ON innovations for the automotive market:

  • More AutoSens Detroit Interviews

  • NIT Demos Log Sensor with LED Flicker Suppression

    New Imaging Technologies publishes a demo of its NSC1701 sensor featuring LED flicker suppression mode:

  • ON Semi LED Flicker Mitigation Demo

    ON Semi demos its LED flicker reduction in its AR0233 automotive HDR sensor:

  • GPixel Presents Large BSI Sensor

    GPixel claims it has created the world's largest BSI sensor, GSENSE6060. The pixel array area of the 37.7MP, 10um pixel sensor is 61.44 x 61.44 mm2 large, and the pixel full well and DR are large too:

  • Sony Polarization Sensor Demo

  • After Kickstarter Success, SiOnyx Continues on Indiegogo

  • Pixart Q1 2018 Report

    Pixart Q1 2018 report shows that despite its diversification efforts, the company remains mainly an optical mouse sensors provider:

  • Samsung Presentation

    Samsung System LSI Investor Presentation dated by April 30, 2018 shows the company success in image sensor business:

    • 1/3 Global Smartphones used ISOCELL image sensors
    • 4.6 out of 10 Chinese smartphones use ISOCELL sensors
    • 28nm image sensor process

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