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  • TI Promotes its ToF Solution

  • Active Alignment Demo

    Trioptics publishes a Youtube video showing its ProCam active alighnemt system:

  • ON Semi X-Class Platform

  • GPixel 11um-Pixel Sensor in Moonless Night

    Russian KB VITA kindly sent me a video of its camera that uses GSENSE400BSI sensor. The video is shot at moonless night, hence no shadows there. The camera has f0.95 lens and set at 22fps and 40ms exposure time:

  • Apple Adds Depth Computation Features to the New iPhone Cameras

    Cnet: Apple event has a number of camera news in the oncoming iPhone models, including a dedicated depth engine that allows various depth calculations with the rear dual camera:

  • Synopsys Sub-Micron |Color Filter Presentation

    Synopsys demos the capabilities of its RSoft silicon photonics simulation platform using CFA as an example:

  • Sony Global Shutter Sensor Family Expands up to APS-C Size

    Sony publishes flyers of 6 new global shutter sensors based on 3.45um pixels: IMX367LLA, IMX342LQA, IMX392LQR, IMX305LQR, IMX304LLR/LQR, IMX267LLR/LQR. The new sensors span from 2.35MP 1/2.3-inch IMX392LLR/LQR to 31.5MP APS-C IMX342LLA/LQA:

  • Automotive LiDAR Technologies Review

    Tematys presentation at Swiss Photonics event in June 2018 attemps to answer on question "Which LIDAR technology(ies) will win the race towards autonomous driving?"

  • Valeo LED Flicker Tutorial

  • Rumored Nokia Phone Apparently Uses Light Co. Technology

  • FLIR Presentation at AutoSens Detroit

  • Oryx LiDAR Presentation

    Autosens publishes a short video about Oryx LiDAR based on nano-antenna imaging in 10um band:

  • Omnivision Nyxel Presentation

    Autosens publishes a video of Omnivision CTO Boyd Fowler presentation of Nyxel IR sensing technology at May 2018 conference in Detroit:

  • Samsung Demos Face Recognition for Smart Home

    Samsung shows how face recognition can be used to control smart home devices:

  • ADAS Processor Benchmark

    EETimes reports that EEMBC consortium develops ADASMark to compare different ADAS processors between them. The new ADASMark appears to be heavily biased toward image processing with less emphasis on Radars and Lidars:

  • sCMOS Sensors Comparison: BAE vs GPixel

    PCO kindly sent me a slide from their presentation comparing sCMOS sensors from BAE (Fairchild Imaging) and GPixel. BAE manufactures its sensors at TSMC, while GPixel uses TowerJazz foundry.

    Thanks to GH for the slide!
  • Isorg Corporate Video

    Isorg publishes a corporate video about the company and its products:

  • Esticast 3D Camera Market Review

    Esticast: The global 3D Camera market was valued at 1.31b in 2017, and is projected to reach $12b by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 35.5% from 2017 to 2025. In 2017, stereo vision 3D camera segment held a considerably large share of the overall market:

  • Magic Leap Glasses Teardown

    iFixit teardown of Magic Leap One glasses reveals a lot of image sensing components inside:

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