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  • Four Generations of Camera Module Testers

    Pamtek presents 4 generations of its testing systems for camera modules:

  • Isaiah Research Forecasts Triple Camera Adoption in Smartphones

    IFNewsflash: Isaiah Research increases its previous forecast of double and triple cameras adoption on 2019 smartphone market:

  • How to Explain Hyperspectral Imaging to Your Family and Relatives

    Finnish company Specim publishes a nice 2-part video explanation of hyperpectral imaging principles. Like in many popular videos, there are some minor mistakes, but the overall work is still quite good:

  • Event-Based Sensor Use Case

    Neuro Vision spin-off from Zurich University shows a use case for an event-based camera:

  • Sony Adds Some Data on its DSLR/ILC Sensors

    Sony publishes flyers for 8 new products for DSLR/ILC cameras spanning from 150MP medium format IMX411 to 20MP 60fps MFT IMX272 sensors, including full-frame and APS-C sensors:

  • Pixart Reports Quarterly Results

  • Sony Adds Square 1MP Sensor to its GS Family

    Sony IMX419CLN sensor has 1MP 3.45um GS pixels and square pixel array and is intended for industrial B&W cameras.

  • MEMSDrive Speeds Up Super-Resolution Imaging

    MEMSDrive says its image stabilization approach makes super-resolution image capturing faster:

  • White Light Inteferometric 3D Imager

    Heliotis HeliInspect H8 3D camera uses the company's next generation 3D image sensor HeliSens S4:

    Thanks to TL for the flyer!
  • Andanta SWIR to Green Photon Converter

    Andanta presents InGaAs PD array combined with green LED array in a single module, effectively converting SWIR photons to green photons with 3% efficiency:

    Thanks to AB for the pointer!
  • Quantum Dot SWIR Cameras

    SWIR Vision Systems introduces the Acuros family of low cost SWIR cameras featuring CQD sensing technology:

    Thanks to AB for the pointer!
  • ToF-Based People Counter

  • Yole on Components for 3D Sensing

  • Himax on 3D Sales Projections

  • Espros 3D Imaging Market Forecast

    Espros October Newsletter features the company's view on the 3D imaging market growth:

    "The Compound Annual Rate Growth (CAGR) for 3D imaging is expected to some 40%, starting at some $2 billion in 2017. We clearly see the hockey stick coming."

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