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  • Luminar Supplies its LiDARs to Volvo and Volkswagen

  • Huawei Honor V20 Smartphone Features Rear ToF Camera

    DeviceSpecifications: Huawei Honor V20 smartphone features Sony 48MP IMX586 image sensor combined with a rear 3D ToF camera. Apparently, the ToF camera is used for better AF, AR applications, and games:

  • Samsung Exhibits Automotive Image Sensors

    Nikkei publishes an overview of Samsung booth at Electronica 2018 exhibition in Germany. Samsung demos 120dB HDR and 7.4um high resolution automotive-qualified sensors:

  • SLC-1L-05: Living in the In-Between

    Our eyes are wonderful devices. They are autofocus, auto-zoom, autoexposure, and (to a large degree) auto white balance. Our cameras, on the other hand, see things more objectively.

    Today, how to finesse that difference when adding light.

  • Sick Sensor Technology

    German 3D laser scanner maker Sick reveals that it's using a custom designed image sensor in its cameras:

    Thanks to TL for the pointer!
  • Sheba Microsystems Promises MEMS AF, Zoom, and OIS

  • Photoneo Presentation

    Photoneo presentation at Vision Show in Stuttgart, Germany, on Nov. 6-8, 2018 shows its Parallel Structured Light 3D camera concepts:

  • Rumor: Sony Full-Frame 33MP 60fps Sensor is Coming

    DIY Photography quotes EOSHD that Sony is working on IMX435 stacked full-frame sensor that is able to shoot 8K 60fps video with 12b ADC resolution:

  • Sony DepthSense ToF Technology

  • WCP on ADAS/AV Trends

    Woodside Capital Partners release November 2018 update of its "Autonomous Vehicles Technology Report." A few interesting slides with somewhat pessimistic view on the automotive LiDAR short term prospects:

  • Four Generations of Camera Module Testers

    Pamtek presents 4 generations of its testing systems for camera modules:

  • Isaiah Research Forecasts Triple Camera Adoption in Smartphones

    IFNewsflash: Isaiah Research increases its previous forecast of double and triple cameras adoption on 2019 smartphone market:

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