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  • Trioptics Demos its Camera Module Tester

    Trioptics video shows how its camera module tester for flexible low to mid volume production works:

  • Google Pixel 3 XL Cameras Cost Estimated at 14% of BOM

    TechInsights publishes a teardown report of Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone with cameras taking 14.2% of the total cost:

    The phone includes a dedicated ISP chip designed by Intel and Google and manufactured in TSMC 28nm process:

  • TrinamiX Managing Director on Distance Measuring

    TrinamiX Managing Director Ingmar Bruder explains how organic solar cells can be used for 3D distance measuring:

  • ON Semi Automotive Sensors in Challenging Lighting Transitions

    ON Semi publishes a short video on its automotive CMOS sensor operation in challenging lighting transitions on the road:

  • Omnivision Sensors for Medical Applications

    Omnivision booth at SPIE BIOS EXPO 2019 shows a multitude of image sensor-based checks for a human body:

  • Multiframe Super Resolution Zooms Comparison

    Almalence compares its SuperSensor with Google Pixel 3 super resolution zoom. Both are based on multiframe image acquisition and processing:

  • ADI Presents ToF Camera for Smartphones and Automotive Applications

  • Autosens Brussels 2018 Videos: Videantis, Blackmore

    Autosens keeps publishing video presentations from its 2018 Brussels conference:

  • Autosens Brussels 2018 Videos

  • FLIR Explains Sony 3rd Generation Pregius Features

    ClearViewImaging publishes FLIR (PointGrey) presentation on image sensor technology news, explaining Sony 3rd generation Pregius sensor features among other things:

  • A review of Optical Phased Array LiDAR

    AutoSens starts to publish videos from its Brussels 2018 conference. One of the first videos is Michael Watts, CEO of Analog Photonics, presentation:

  • Robosense Interview on $200, 200m-Range, 120-deg FoV LiDAR

  • Phantom Intelligence LiDAR is Powered by ON Semi SiPM

  • Pamtek Presents Stereo Camera Calibration System

    Pamtek presents its dual camera stereo calibration system, the TERA-Stereo:

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