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  • SiOnyx Color Sensor vs Night Vision Tube

    SiOnyx publishes a video comparing its color night vision with Gen 3 photomultiplying tube:

  • Sony 7.42MP Automotive Sensors with RCCC and RCCB CFA

    Sony publishes an updated flyer of its 7.42MP automotive HDR image sensors IMX324 and IMX424 featuring RCCC and RCCB color filters, respectively:

  • Hamamatsu ToF Sensor Use Cases

    Hamamatsu publishes a couple of videos on its ToF sensors use cases:

  • ON Semi Automotive Sensors in Low Light Tests

    ON Semi publishes a demo video of its automotive sensor performance in low light:

  • Xperi on Use Cases of 3D Camera in Smartphone

    TechTheLead publishes an interview with Greg DeCamp, Xperi Fotonation's FaceSafe Product Manager, the software used in LG G8 ThinQ smartphone with PMD ToF camera:

    Another application for 3D camera is 3D Portrait:

  • Hynix to Manufacture CIS in China

    Digitimes reports that Hinyx 8-inch fab construction in Wuxi, China nears completion. The fab is aimed to non-memory products, including image sensors. New fab capacity is 100,000 wafers per month.

    Image is from TheElec site.
  • Sigma-Foveon New Sensor to be Manufactured by TSI Semiconductors

    L-Rumors quotes Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki saying that the new full frame Foveon sensor will be manufactures by TSI Semiconductors foundry in Roseville, CA:

  • Techinsingths Estimates Samsung Galaxy S10+ Camera Cost at 13.5% of BOM

    Techinsights publishes a teardown report of just announced Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S10+. The cost of 3 rear cameras and 2 front cameras of the smartphone is estimated at $56.5 out of the total BOM of $420:

  • Huawei Folding Phone Has No Dedicated Selfie Camera

    Huawei unveils its foldable smartphone - Mate X that eliminates the need in selfie camera:

  • Trioptics Demos its Camera Module Tester

    Trioptics video shows how its camera module tester for flexible low to mid volume production works:

  • Google Pixel 3 XL Cameras Cost Estimated at 14% of BOM

    TechInsights publishes a teardown report of Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone with cameras taking 14.2% of the total cost:

    The phone includes a dedicated ISP chip designed by Intel and Google and manufactured in TSMC 28nm process:

  • TrinamiX Managing Director on Distance Measuring

    TrinamiX Managing Director Ingmar Bruder explains how organic solar cells can be used for 3D distance measuring:

  • ON Semi Automotive Sensors in Challenging Lighting Transitions

    ON Semi publishes a short video on its automotive CMOS sensor operation in challenging lighting transitions on the road:

  • Omnivision Sensors for Medical Applications

    Omnivision booth at SPIE BIOS EXPO 2019 shows a multitude of image sensor-based checks for a human body:

  • Multiframe Super Resolution Zooms Comparison

    Almalence compares its SuperSensor with Google Pixel 3 super resolution zoom. Both are based on multiframe image acquisition and processing:

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