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  • ON Semi Demos Super-Exposure Technology

    ON Semi demos its Hayabusa super-exposure technology for automotive HDR with LFM:

  • imec On- and Under-Display Large Area Image Sensors

    Imec kindly sent me more info on its thin-film on-display image sensor that can be used for fingerprint or other scanning applications:

  • ON Semi HDR with LED Flicker Mitigation

    ON Semi posts a video explaining its Hayabusa image sensor family Super-Exposure feature: HDR with LED flicker mitigation:

  • Autosens Expands in Hong Kong in 2020

    In addition to the conferences in Brussels and Detroit, Autosens announces a third location for its yearly events - Hong Kong:

  • Sheba Presents its MEMS AF and OIS Solution

    Toronto, Canada-based Sheba Microsystems kindly sent me a presentation about its MEMS AF and OIS solution:

  • Polight Annual Report

    Polight publishes its financial reports since its IPO at Oslo stock exchange last year. The reports show that selling AF actuator is quite a tough business:

  • Espros Emphasizes Multidisciplinary Nature of ToF Systems

    Espros April newsletter promotes its ToF Academy courses and shows many knowledge areas needed for ToF system design:

  • Finisar on 3D Sensing Solutions

    VCSEL maker Finisar presents its view on 3D sensing solutions at Semicon China:

  • AMS ToF and ALS Presentations

    AMS publishes the Youtube videos on its ToF poximity sensor and an ambient light sensor:

  • Image Sensors in Jewelry

    There happens to be one emerging application that is not sensitive to image quality, pixel size, power consumption, or any other parameter - jewelry. It is not clear how large this market is:

  • Sony Reports FY2018 Results

    Sony results of FY 2018 ended on March 31, 2019 show 9.5% YoY growth in image sensor sales. The company forecasts a 18% sales growth next year:

  • ON Semi Gen3 SiPM LiDAR Demo

  • More Pictures from Huawei RYYB Sensor Presentation

    There are few more photos published on Twitter from Huawei P30 and P30 Pro presentation on CYYB CFA:

    IFNews quotes Cowen Research comparing camera BOM in flagship smartphones. Huawei invests the most in its camera:

  • FBK Talks about Entangled Light Super-Resolution Microscopy

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