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  • UBS Survey: Interest to Smartphone Cameras Goes Down

    IFNews publishes UBS Smartphone market report dated by May 22, 2019. According to UBS poll, interest to smartphone camera features and specs goes down, while FaceID interest goes up:

  • Autosens Interviews Omnivision, ON Semi, Espros, Melexis

    Autosens publishes a number of the interviews from its conference held in Detroin in May this year:

  • Imasenic on Smart Image Sensors

    Renato Turchetta, CEO of Imasenic, presented "Smart CMOS Image Sensors" at Workshop on the Architecture of Smart Cameras, held on 27-28 June 2018, Coimbra, Portugal. Below are just few slides from the 57-page presentation:

  • Celepixel Demos

    Celepixel demos its event-based sensors in different conditions:

    More video examples can be found in the company's 2016 video.

  • Yanta Research on 2018 CIS Market Shares

  • ON Semi Demos Super-Exposure Technology

    ON Semi demos its Hayabusa super-exposure technology for automotive HDR with LFM:

  • imec On- and Under-Display Large Area Image Sensors

    Imec kindly sent me more info on its thin-film on-display image sensor that can be used for fingerprint or other scanning applications:

  • ON Semi HDR with LED Flicker Mitigation

    ON Semi posts a video explaining its Hayabusa image sensor family Super-Exposure feature: HDR with LED flicker mitigation:

  • Autosens Expands in Hong Kong in 2020

    In addition to the conferences in Brussels and Detroit, Autosens announces a third location for its yearly events - Hong Kong:

  • Sheba Presents its MEMS AF and OIS Solution

    Toronto, Canada-based Sheba Microsystems kindly sent me a presentation about its MEMS AF and OIS solution:

  • Polight Annual Report

    Polight publishes its financial reports since its IPO at Oslo stock exchange last year. The reports show that selling AF actuator is quite a tough business:

  • Espros Emphasizes Multidisciplinary Nature of ToF Systems

    Espros April newsletter promotes its ToF Academy courses and shows many knowledge areas needed for ToF system design:

  • Finisar on 3D Sensing Solutions

    VCSEL maker Finisar presents its view on 3D sensing solutions at Semicon China:

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