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  • Samsung 108MP Sensor to Feature in Xiaomi Smartphone

    NextWeb, DPReview: At a briefing in China, Xiaomi announces it is to become the first manufacturer to use Samsung?s new 108MP ISOCELL sensor. The maximum resolution of that sensor will be 12,032 x 9,024 pixels:

    Thanks to TS for the pointer!
  • Trinamix Publishes Spec Examples of its 3D Cameras

  • Techinsights Smartphone Imagers Review - Part 4

  • Volvo LiDAR Cost Estimated at $22.61

    Not all LiDARs are expensive. TechInsights teardown report of Volvo 31360888 Brake Assist LiDAR found in V40 car estimates its manufacturing costs at only $22.61, although the retail price is more than $586:

  • Ams Bets Big on 3D Sensing

  • Depth Sensing in Automotive Applications

  • Imec and Holst Centre Transparent Fingerprint Sensor

    Charbax publishes a video interview with Hylke Akkerman (Holst Centre) and Pawel Malinowski (Imec) on the transparent fingerprint sensor that won the 2019 I-Zone Best Prototype Award SID Display Week:

  • Basler Announces ToF Camera with Sony Sensor

  • ADI Presents ToF Development Kit

  • Samsung Event-Driven Sensors

    Hyunsurk Eric Ryu from Samsung presents the company's progress with event-driven sensors:

  • Melexis ToF Sensor Detailed Datasheet

    Melexis publishes quite a detailed datasheet of its MLX75024 QVGA ToF sensor based on Sony-Softkinetic pixel. So detailed spec is quite a rarity in the world of ToF imaging:

  • ON Semi HDR with LFM Promotional Video

    ON Semi publishes a video promoting its HDR with LFM automotive image sensors:

  • Sony Announces Two 4K Sensors

    Sony adds two more 4K sensors to its 4K lineup: IMX485LQJ and IMX415-AAQR.

  • IISW 2019 Awards

    Hidekazu Takahashi from Canon Inc. kindly sent me pictures that he shot on his EOS 5D Mark4 DSLR on the Awards ceremony at IISW 2019 in Snowbird, UT, last week:

  • Postcard from IISW at Snowbird

    Here is a group photo of IISW 2019 attendees:

    Thanks to EF for the picture!
  • Interview with TowerJazz SVP of Image Sensor Business

    Charbax publishes an interview with Avi Strum responsible for TowerJazz image sensor business:

  • Startup Presentations at Embedded Vision Alliance

    Entropix CEO Nathan Wheeler presents his resolution enhancement approach for security cameras:

    Bo Zhu, CTO of BlinkAI, presents its AI algorithms for low-light and HDR imaging:

  • Yole and Xilinx Webcast on AI in Automotive Applications

    Yole publishes its webcast on AI in automotive applications. Xilinx has joned the second part of the webcast:

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