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  • Fujitsu 3D Camera-powered AI Gives Scores to Gymnasts

    Fujitsu publishes a video on how its 3D camera and AI help with scores in gymnastics and more:

  • Sony New Web Site, Pregius S Technology

    Sony has updated its semiconductor products web site with more modern look and, supposedly, better navigation. The new site features few video about Sony stacked global shutter technology:

  • JP Morgan Forecasts 320Munits 3D Camera Sales in 2020

    IFNews quotes JP Morgan report forecasting 320M 3D sensing cameras in smartphones in 2020, 260M of them - in Apple iPhones:

  • Yole on Automotive Vision Trends

  • Sony Unveils 47MP MFT Sensor for Security and Industrial Applications

  • Panasonic Talks about 8K Organic Sensor inside Broadcast TV Camera

  • Espros pToF Presentation

    Espros presentation at MEMS Consulting seminar in China gives interesting info on the company's long range solution for automotive LiDARs:

  • NHK Future TV Technology Relies in 3D Vision

    NHK STRL presentation from May 2019 talks about the company's vision for 2030-40 TV technology where 3D imaging takes a central role:

  • SLC-2L-09: Google Maps as a Visa | BTS 360

    Today in Lighting Cookbook, using Google Maps as an entré to meet new subjects, and improvising with a skeleton pack of lighting equipment. Read more »
  • CCD vs CMOS in Display QC Application

    Radiant Vision, a Konica Minolta company, publishes an interesting comparison of CCD and CMOS cameras in display quality control applications:

  • Sony Unveils 61MP Full-Frame and 26MP APS-C Sensors for Security Applications

    Sony unveils 4 new sensors for security and surveillance applications: IMX415-AAMR, IMX455AQK-K, IMX533CQK-D, IMX571BQR-J

  • IISW 2019 Papers On-Line

  • Why CIS Resolution Change Incurs So Much Latency

    Arizona State University team led by Robert LiKamWa explains why image sensor resolution change takes so long on Android and iOS systems:

  • Adasky Explains Why Visual World is Confusing for AI

    Adasky presentation at Autosens Detroit 2019 shows that sometimes visible light images can be confusing for AI. Thermal camera is claimed to resolve these ambiguities:

  • e2v Promotional Videos

    Teledyne e2v publishes a number of promotional videos on its image sensors:

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