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  • EMVA 1288 Explained

    EMVA Tube publishes a number of webinars on image sensor imperfections in EMVA 1288 standard, presented by Prof. Bernd Jähne from Heidelberg University, Germany:

  • Tong Hsing to Double CIS Backend Capacity

    Digitimes reports that Taiwan-based CIS backend services company Tong Hsing Electronic Industries has disclosed plans to double monthly production capacity to 150,000-160,000 wafers by end-2020, according to the company's chairman Pierre Chen.

  • Quantum Dot Future

    IEEE Spectrum: "It?s time for another revolution in imaging technology. This one will be brought to you by the quantum dot, a nanometer-size particle of semiconductor material, which acts much differently from its bulk counterpart."

  • Smartphone Camera Forecast Revised Downwards

    IFNews quotes CLSA report revising smartphone camera growth downward due to coronavirus impact:

  • Machine Vision Helps to Contain Coronavirus

    New China TV video shows how camera-equipped robots help in fighting with the coronavirus outbreak in China:

  • IDTechEx on Trends in Automotive Lidars

    Autosens publishes IDTechEx article with a review of Espros, SiLC, XenomatiX, Blickfeld, and Outsight LiDAR approaches.

  • Fortune Business Insights Forecasts $30b Image Sensor Market in 2026

    PRNewswire: The global image sensor market size is foreseen to reach $29.99b by 2026, with a CAGR of 8.4% by 2026. This is owing to the rise in the popularity of ADAS in automobiles. The market value was $15.93b in 2018.

  • FLIR about Sony BSI GS Sensors

    FLIR (former Point Grey) presents Sony Pregius S sensors for industrial applications:

  • FLIR Demos Automotive Thermal Cameras for Pedestrian Detection

    FLIR publishes a couple of videos about advantages of thermal cameras for pedestrian detection:

  • ADI Demos ToF Applications

    Analog Devices publishes a video presenting its ToF solution inside PicoZense camera for face recognition:

    Another demo talks about in-cabin driver status monitoring:

    Yet another demo shows ToF camera-equipped autonomous robot:

  • SET Hybrid Bonding Machine Boasts 1um (3-sigma) Accuracy

    SET NEO HB hybrid/direct bonding machine claims +/-1um 3-sigma alignment accuracy:

  • Espros ToF Performance in Sunlight

    Espros publishes a demo video of its ToF camera performance with sunlight in the frame:

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