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  • Trieye First Public SWIR Image

    Trieye Board of Directors member Ido Yablonka twits the company's first public SWIR image:

    "Delivery >> corona crisis.
    a sneak peek at a breakthrough in progress - amazing work by @TriEye_tech #swir #deeptech

  • nanoLambda Seeks Partnerships and Funding

    NanoLambda publishes a Youtube video saying that its spectrometer module has more than 30 competitors now. So, the company looks for partnerships and funding for its technology:

  • Samsung Tetracell Promotional Video

    Samsung keeps publishing its image sensor promotional videos. The 3rd video in the series talks about Tetracell pixels:

  • Omnivision Endoscopic Sensor Promotional Video

    Omnivision publishes a promotional video about its minuscule endoscopic sensor:

    Once we are at it, some time ago, Omivision sent me a season greetings with this unbelievably tiny sensor glued onto the card:

  • Samsung 108MP Nonacell Promotional Video

    Samsung keeps publishing promotional videos about its image sensors. The last one presents 108MP ISOCELL Bright HM1:

  • ON Semi Short Range LiDAR Demo

    ON Semi shows a demo of its Pandion sensor, a 400 x 100 SPAD array sensor for LiDAR applications:

  • Sony Unveils Two 1080p Sensors for Security Applications

    Sony adds two 1080p sensors to its lineup for security applications - IMX482 with 5.8um pixels and IMX462 with 2.9um pixels:

  • Samsung ISOCELL Promotional Video

  • EPIC Zoom Meeting on Automotive LiDAR

    EPIC Photonics publishes an online meeting on automotive LiDAR including presentations from Ibeo, LeddarTech, JENOPTIK, Light Tec, imec, SMART Photonics, and Hamamatsu:

  • Epic Zoom Meeting on IR Imaging in Security and Surveillance

    EPIC meetings switched over to an online format. The first meeting include presentations from IRnova, Lynred, Leonardo, MBDA, FLIR, Lambda-X, ACM Coatings, Emberion, and Asphericon:

  • Eye Tracking Tutorial

    Edge AI and Vision Alliance publishes May 2019 tutorial "Eye Tracking for the Future: The Eyes Have It" by Peter Milford, President of Parallel Rules. One of the key takeaways is that eye tracking is not ready for mass market consumer applications:

  • SK Hynix CIS Promotional Video

  • Waymo 5th Gen AV Features 29 Cameras and 5 LiDARs

    EETimes Junko Yoshida publishes a review of Waymo Driver presentation by YooJung Ahn, head of design at Waymo. The new AV platform features 29 cameras and 5 LiDARs:

  • ON Semi Video on Low Power Sensor

    ON Semi video talks about its ARX3A0 560x560 pixel sensor consuming 3mW at 1fps:

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