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  • Moose Podcast #195 ? ?If at 1st You Don?t Succeed ??

    In this episode "If at 1st You Don't Succeed ..." Are you looking for that A, the knowledge, the skills or just to impress others? We each answer this differently and they lie our photographic path.

  • Moose Podcast #193 ? ?Talkin the Same Language?

    In this episode "Talkin the Same Language?" All too often as creatives, we need to simply talk to someone. But just who do we turn to when that time comes? You need to find someone who is talkin the same language!

  • Visionox Unveils Under-OLED Front Camera Solution

    i-Micronews: Chinese OLED screen company Visionox is the first to present under-display selfie camera solution for mass-produces smartphones, Visionox Inv See:

  • Sony Adds SNR1s Metric to All Starvis Sensors

  • Moose Podcast #191 ? ?Organizing the Pegboard?

    In this episode "Organizing the Pegboard" Yep, you might guess I was getting the ol woodshop unpacked at The Ranch. But what does that have to do with YOUR photography? At more than you think!

  • Sony Shows Edge AI Processing Examples

  • Princeton Instruments on Imaging Applications in Quantum Research

  • Moose Podcast #190 ? ?Legacy Glass?

    In this episode "Legacy Glass" A whole lot of you have reached out and asked do you have to shoot just new glass? Many ask if I shoot any "old" glass. And all asked which is best. Here are some of my thoughts on these great questions.

  • ADAS Cameras Overview

  • Sony Defines its Starviz Sensor Category

    Sony publishes a short presentation explaining what sensors belong to Starviz class:

  • Moose Podcast #188 ? ?Your Gear ?s Answered, Hopefully?

    In this episode “Your Gear ?s Answered, Hopefully” Many photographers work on mastering composition. What if […]

  • Moose Podcast #187 ? ?Where?s the Weight?

    In this episode "Where's the Weight?" Many photographers work on mastering composition. What if I told you that composition is only the starting point and not the ending point. Where do you go next in improving your visual storytelling?

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