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  • Touchless Buttons Using ST FlightSense

    ST presents touchless button use case for its ToF sensors:

  • Smartsens Explains 60ms Startup Time Challenges

    Smartsens video demos the company's auto-exposure performance during the startup:

  • Moose Podcast #201 ? ?Is It Enough?

    In this episode "Is It Enough??" In the creative process, from camera to computer to sharing, is this a question that crosses your mind? And if it does, have you come up with an answer to it? As you might have guessed, it has mine.

  • History of TV

  • Moose Podcast #200 ? ?Got the Blues??

    In this episode "Got the Blues?" Karen emails that she has the blues, the camera just isn't her friend right now. Can you relate to Karen, I sure can at times but we can move past them. Here's just some ideas on how to do just that.

  • Axcelis Ships its First 12MeV Implanter to CIS Customer for Evaluation

  • Photodiode Array Cross-Section

    i-Micronews: SystemPlus publishes a comparison of camera modules in Samsung smartphones. One of the image sensor cross-section pictures has an interesting diagonal line crossing a photodiode array:

  • Edge AI Processing Presentation

    Hailo presentation on edge AI vision processing shows that one needs 80K MC operations per pixels to achieve a 86% image classification accuracy. This can require quite a high power consumption, depending on the image resolution and a frame rate:

  • Brookman ToF Gesture Recognition Demo

    Brookman shows how its BT008D pToF sensors excels in finger gesture recognition in comparison with competing ToF solutions. The demo is prepared in collaboration with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., one of Brookman's major investors.

  • Newsight Imaging eToF Webinar

    Newsight Imaging publish a webinar explaining its NSI1000 eTOF sensor operation:

  • Imaging Beyond the Speed of Light

  • Sony Reports Drop in Image Sensor Sales, Reduces FY Forecast

    Sony reports a drop in image sensor sales in its last fiscal quarter started on April 1, 2020:

  • ASM Presents its Camera Assembly Capabilities

  • e2v Unveils ToF Image Sensor

  • Moose Podcast #198 ? ?Reworking Time?

    In this episode "Reworking Time?" As photographers, we are incredibly fortunate to record time, for all time. But as time rolls forward, we also are very fortunate to go back in time. Do you, and do you learn from past time?

  • EETimes: CIS Business Not Affected by Coronavirus

    EETimes reporter Junko Yoshida publishes an interview with Yole Developpement analysts "Covid Economy: How Damaged Are We?" The CIS business still goes strong in spite of pandemy:

  • Moose Podcast #197 ? ?So, What?s the Topic??

    In this episode "So, What's the Topic?" Seriously, what's the topic? As you'll hear, I had no topic when I started the podcast but then ... well ...

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