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  • Chronoptics Demos its ToF Multipath Reduction

    Chronoptics publishes a demo of its multipath reduction ToF camera:

  • Hamamatsu Compares LiDAR Detector Technologies

    Hamamatsu publishes a Youtube video comparing APD, SiPM, and SPAD in LiDAR applications:

  • TechInsights on Small Pixels

    TechInsights has held an excellent webinar on image sensor trends and comparisons on March 3, 2021. The webinar is available for on-demand access now. There is a lot of interesting information there. This is a second post about small pixels:

  • Ouster Digital LiDAR Pitch for Investors

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

    Stemmer Imaging publishes European Imaging Academy webinar on hyperspectral imaging use cases:

  • Image Sensor Packaging Video

    AIM Micro Systems publishes a promotional video showing different technologies and equipment involved in image sensor packaging:

  • SiOnyx vs Hamamatsu Oral Argument

    US Federal Circuit Court publishes the oral arguments between Hamamatsu and SiOnyx lawyers, a nice example of how these lawsuits are managed. One can listen and decide which side sounds more convincing:

  • Moose Podcast #228 ? ?Chance Plays a Big Part ? but?

    In this episode of the Moose Podcast #228 - "Chance Plays a Big Part ... but" comes into play every time we put the camera to our eye. The thing is, just because we're in the right place and at the right time, are we making the most of that chance?

  • ISSCC 2021: Albert Theuwissen's Plenary Talk

    As written in comments, Albert Theuwissen's Plenary video is published on Youtube:

  • Podcast #227 ? ?Minimum Requirements?

    In this episode of the Moose Podcast #227 - "Minimum Requirements" once it was on the forefront of our mind with products we purchased. But was it or is it when we put the camera to our eye?

  • Ricoh Explains Importance of Low-Ripple Supply for Image Sensors

    Ricoh publishes a video explaining the importance of low ripple supply for CMOS sensors:

  • Samsung Explains its Smart-ISO Pro

  • SMIC to Benefit from Increased Demand to its 40nm and 65nm CIS Process

    Wccftech: Goldman Sachs believes that SMIC is poised to benefit from the demand increase for image sensors on the 40nm to 65nm process nodes.

  • Photonfocus Presents First Global Shutter UV Camera

    Photonfocus unveils MV4-D1280U-H01-GT camera said to be the world's first global shutter UV camera. The 1.3MP BSI sensor is custom designed and has a  QE with > 40% in 170 - 800 nm band.

    Thanks to TL for the pointer!
  • CMOS Sensors Design with Synopsys Custom Compiler

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