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  • Inivation Company Introduction

    Inivation publishes a company introduction video:

  • Sony Prepares All-Pixel AF HDR SEnsor for Smartphones

    Sony publishes 3 videos presenting a mobile image sensor with all-pixel AF and HDR. Such a product has not been officially announced yet. However, Sony presented a 48MP 0.8um pixel with all-pixel AF at IEDM 2019.

  • Moose Podcast #246 ? ?See the Light ? Please!?

    Photography is a craft that is forgiving in some areas, one of them where it's not is light. Mastering take a lifetime but seeing it on the scene, in the viewfinder and then in the digital darkroom are the steps towards that goal!

  • Moose Podcast #245 ? ?The Fluster Moment?

    As long as you are human, those moments when you get flustered thing just seem to go from bad to worse. The problem is, it can cost us a photograph. Here's how to avoid those moments.

  • Inivation Presentation

  • Sony Work on Event-Based Image Sensors

  • Imec Hyperspectral Sensors Improvements

    InVision publishes a Ximea camera maker article about its 2nd generation hyperspectral cameras based on Imec hyperspectral image sensors. There is quite a significant improvement in the 2nd generation:

  • ON Semi on Reliability of Image Sensor Data

  • iPhone Users: Put an AirTag in Your Camera Bag

    Apple?s new AirTags are a straight-up gift for photographers. After testing one for the past couple of weeks, I?ll be hiding an AirTag in my scooter, one in my car and another one in my camera bag.
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  • Sony Presents 20MP 4/3-inch Sensor with 120fps Frame Rate

    Sony unveils IMX472 4/3-inch large sensor with 121fps speed at 12b ADC resolution, or 158.4fps at 10b ADC:

  • Yet Another Samsung 108MP Promotional Video

    Samsung publishes yet another promotional video of its 108MP HM3 sensor that was first announced in January 2021:

  • Optical Fingerprint Sensor Testing System

    Under-display optical fingerprint sensor market seems to grow large enough to justify a commercial testing system. Taiwan-based Enlitech presents Optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Tester SG-MPX:

  • Hynix Article on CIS Progress

    EDN publishes SK Hynix article on image sensor progress that shows the company's iToF sensor, among many other things:

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