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  • Sharp Image Sensor Lineup

    2021 Sharp catalog reveals that its image sensor linup is still dominated by CCDs, although CMOS sensors section is expanding. Sharp CCDs are quite fast by CCD standards with 8MP one reaching 25fps frame rate:

  • e2v iToF Sensor Demos

  • Sunny View on Smartphone Camera Trends

  • Quanergy Claims to Achieve Major Improvement in its OPA Scanning LiDAR Range

    Quanergy SPAC merge presentation shows a major improvement in its Optical Phase Array (OPA) LiDAR performance over the course of the last year. At the same time, the company admits that its previous designs had a very short range:

  • Moose Podcast #248 ? ?Is It Worth Being in Biz??

    With the "lull" the past year has brought to many, the idea of turning the passion of photography into a paycheck has creeped into the minds of many. One of those asked me if it's worth being in biz? Here's my answer.

  • Pixart Explains Optical Tracking Sensors Operation

    Pixart publishes a video explaining laser and LED-based optical tracking sensors principles:

  • Sony AI Sensors in Rome

    Sony publishes a video about its IMX500 AI sensor use cases on streets of Rome, Italy:

  • Apple iPhone Cameras Evolution

  • LargeSense Presents its 140mm x 120mm CMOS Sensor

  • Moose Podcast #247 ? ?Everyone Gets a Trophy?

    We all want to be successful with our photographs, receive praise and admiration for our inspired efforts. That's all well and good, but when it comes to improving our photography, everyone gets a trophy?

  • Inivation Company Introduction

    Inivation publishes a company introduction video:

  • Sony Prepares All-Pixel AF HDR SEnsor for Smartphones

    Sony publishes 3 videos presenting a mobile image sensor with all-pixel AF and HDR. Such a product has not been officially announced yet. However, Sony presented a 48MP 0.8um pixel with all-pixel AF at IEDM 2019.

  • Moose Podcast #246 ? ?See the Light ? Please!?

    Photography is a craft that is forgiving in some areas, one of them where it's not is light. Mastering take a lifetime but seeing it on the scene, in the viewfinder and then in the digital darkroom are the steps towards that goal!

  • Moose Podcast #245 ? ?The Fluster Moment?

    As long as you are human, those moments when you get flustered thing just seem to go from bad to worse. The problem is, it can cost us a photograph. Here's how to avoid those moments.

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