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  • Omnivision Milestones

    Omnivision publishes a series of milestone videos summarizing the company's progress over the years:

  • Moose Podcast #272 ? ?Common to Uncommon?

    Arranging elements in a viewfinder, selecting the right lens, defining the exposure and conquering white balance, this and so much more in our photography happens when we go from common to uncommon.

  • A Better Year Is Coming


  • Moose Podcast #271 ? ?Workflow ?22?

    Workflow is an integral part of my photography, from organizing to learning. It's been years since I updated and shared my workflow. Here ya go with the 2022 Workflow!

  • IISW 2021 Papers and Videos On-Line

  • Terranet Develops Event Camera-Based LiDAR

    Terranet CTO Nihat Kücük presents BlincVision combining structured light 3D imaging with event-driven sensor:

  • Two Photo Books Coming...

  • Luminar CTO Explains Major Advantages of InGaAs Sensors in LiDARs

    Luminar co-founder and CTO Jason Eichenholz discusses the company?s acquisition of its exclusive InGaAs sensor provider and advantages of the SWIR LiDAR photon budget:

  • MIPI D-PHY Introduction

  • Sony SWIR Presentation

  • Moose Podcast #269 ? ?Staying Warm when it?s Cold?

    It' that time of year requiring us to get cold at times to capture the hottest photos. How do we stay warm, that's what this podcast is all about.

  • Sony SenSWIR White Paper

    Sony publishes a white paper promoting its InGaAs SWIR sensors:

  • Pixart Unveils Distance Sensors

    EETimes: Pixart launches Single-Axis Distance Sensor (SAS) product line based on the optical-geometric technology.  There are two sensors in the new product line: PAC7088J1 is a middle-range version and PAC7088J2 is s short range one.

  • Photon Counting Camera Use Cases

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