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  • Moose Podcast #292 ? ?Gear 2022?

    My Bag of Confidence has evolved many times during my career but nothing so radical or complete as in the past year. Here's how and why.

  • Google Adds Photo and AR Enhancements to Search and Maps

    Google has expanded the immersion of its Maps app by combining street view with aerial imagery. It also showed a coming technology that utilizes a smartphone camera to provide information on real-time situations.

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  • Moose Podcast #291 ? ?Strategy ? Landscape Photography?

    We need just one photograph to share the wonders we are so fortunate to witness through the viewfinder. How can we be the solution and not part of the problem. That's just a start of the strategy!

  • Moose Podcast #290 ? ?Strategy ? Wildlife Photography?

    We love our critters! Wildlife photographers though are causing our wild heritage and other photographer great harm. Here's some thoughts on preventing both.

  • Pixy is a Palm-Sized $229 Pocket Drone Specifically for Snapchat

    Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, has announced its long-rumored drone. Called Pixy, the company is positioning it as a friendly, pocket-sized, free-flying sidekick.

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  • Moose Podcast #289 ? ?AF Challenged?

    The misconception is, if you own the best AF body, all your photographs will be tack sharp. Since they are not, it surely can't be the photographer. It just requires better AF .... making us AF challenged.

  • Earth Day ? 52 Years

  • Moose Podcast #288 ? ?Bone Dry?

    Bone dry ... could be from being out of bourbon during tax week or my bird feeders after being gone for a few days. But more than likely, I'm talking photography.

  • Moose Podcast #287 ? ?Your Questions Catch Up?

    Folks have great questions, Z 9 game changer, WB really critical, Image library BU, Z800 and more as I get caught up some on your questions.

  • Moose Podcast #286 ? ?Without Rules, There?s Anarchy!?

    Do you make your photographs to conform to a rule? Or find a rule that conforms to your photographs? Does it matter, you photo suck because no rules apply?

  • Moose Podcast #285 ? ?Oh, Buck Fever!?

    It was a shoot the decades in the making. Even so, the odds were not high for success. After three hours, 15k images were captured on the card. How'd that comes to be and how's I get through them all? Let me tell you!

  • NVIDIA?s New Tech Can Turn A Set of Photos into 3D Scenes in Seconds

    NVIDIA's Instant NeRF is a neural rendering model that can produce a 3D scene from 2D data inputs in seconds and can render images of that scene in milliseconds.

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  • Moose Podcast #284 ? ?The Realm of Growth?

    We are on what seems like a ever lasting question to improve our photography. In that quest, what is our possible realm of growth? I think there is no end to the possibilities if ...

  • Moose Podcast #283 ? ?Robin Layton ? A Conversation?

    There's some great reasons why this very talented female photographer excelled in the newsroom when men rules and still today, is a image powerhouse. A great edition of the podcast!

  • It?s That Time Again!

  • Moose Podcast #282 ? ?Having Fun??

    Sitting at a table, I was asked, "Having fun?" Probably sitting there, it might not have seemed so, I was indoors on a gorgeous day. But actually I was and working on my photography at the same time. You having fun?

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