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  • Moose Podcast #297 ? ?Spring Qtr Questions ?22?

    You had some great questions, cards, ACR masking, AI Cloud Repl, AA Batteries, Shooting and critters on my wantlist, your questions, my answers!

  • Latest Lightroom Update Adds Video Editing, Red Eye Removal, and More

    Adobe is updating Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC with multiple new features, including adding red eye removal and the ability to edit video to Lightroom CC which brings full feature parity between the two programs closer.

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  • Moose Podcast #296 ? ?Aviation Weekend Shoot Prep?

    Just what do I do to get ready for a shoot, aviation weekend shoot? That's a great question so I dedicated this Podcast to answering it. There was so much, I ever recorded my first addendum!

  • KEEN is a New 4G-Connected Remote Controlled Pan/Tilt Trail Camera

    Home Security camera company Reolink has developed a new trail camera called the KEEN Ranger PT, which can capture 4K video in a 360-degree sweep and upload it via a 4G LTE connection for remote viewing.

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  • Apple Announces MacOS Ventura with Stage Manager Organization Tool

    Apple has revealed a new version of macOS named Ventura that includes a new Stage Manager organization tool.

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  • Apple iOS 16 Enhances the Intelligence of its Camera

    Apple has announced that iOS 16 will bring new levels of intelligence to the camera as well as options that families will have to share photos with each other.

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  • Moose Podcast #295 ? ?Time to Call it Quits?

    Just as we need to know when to start, we need to know when to stop. Do you know in your photography when it's time to call it quits?

  • Moose Podcast #294 ? ?Thee Click?

    We all want Thee Click. But how do we come about it and on a continual bases? We have to have a measure to determine Thee Click as we walk about, put our eye to the viewfinder and then find it one more time on our computer. Here's how I do about it.

  • Moose Podcast #293 ? ?Expose Your Emotion?

    Behind that camera is a warm blooded, passionate person taking in the world with all their senses. We need to infuse that camera with our heart. Here's a couple of ideas how.

  • Moose Podcast #292 ? ?Gear 2022?

    My Bag of Confidence has evolved many times during my career but nothing so radical or complete as in the past year. Here's how and why.

  • Google Adds Photo and AR Enhancements to Search and Maps

    Google has expanded the immersion of its Maps app by combining street view with aerial imagery. It also showed a coming technology that utilizes a smartphone camera to provide information on real-time situations.

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  • Moose Podcast #291 ? ?Strategy ? Landscape Photography?

    We need just one photograph to share the wonders we are so fortunate to witness through the viewfinder. How can we be the solution and not part of the problem. That's just a start of the strategy!

  • Moose Podcast #290 ? ?Strategy ? Wildlife Photography?

    We love our critters! Wildlife photographers though are causing our wild heritage and other photographer great harm. Here's some thoughts on preventing both.

  • Pixy is a Palm-Sized $229 Pocket Drone Specifically for Snapchat

    Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, has announced its long-rumored drone. Called Pixy, the company is positioning it as a friendly, pocket-sized, free-flying sidekick.

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  • Moose Podcast #289 ? ?AF Challenged?

    The misconception is, if you own the best AF body, all your photographs will be tack sharp. Since they are not, it surely can't be the photographer. It just requires better AF .... making us AF challenged.

  • Earth Day ? 52 Years

  • Moose Podcast #288 ? ?Bone Dry?

    Bone dry ... could be from being out of bourbon during tax week or my bird feeders after being gone for a few days. But more than likely, I'm talking photography.

  • Moose Podcast #287 ? ?Your Questions Catch Up?

    Folks have great questions, Z 9 game changer, WB really critical, Image library BU, Z800 and more as I get caught up some on your questions.

  • Moose Podcast #286 ? ?Without Rules, There?s Anarchy!?

    Do you make your photographs to conform to a rule? Or find a rule that conforms to your photographs? Does it matter, you photo suck because no rules apply?

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