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  • GoPros Strapped to Dolphins Let You Watch Them Hunt in Incredible Detail

    A new study that strapped GoPro cameras to dolphins has captured them eating venomous sea snakes.

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  • Moose Podcast #306 ? ?Suck It Up ? Buttercup!?

    There is a huge risk being a photographer who shares their images. You might receive negative comments. They can suck, but they are not the end of the world and in fact, they might, just might mean nothing at all if your suck it up, buttercup!

  • Gabbie Jackson Sings....

  • Moose Podcast #305 ? ?Knowledge isn?t Skill?


  • Moose Podcast #302 ? ?Is Video Taking Over??

    Dennis sent me a great question, "Is video taking over?" Coming in part from what he sees on social media, after my posting a couple of Reels, he thought he'd ask me my thoughts. Here they are.

  • MegaPortraits: High-Res Deepfakes Created From a Single Photo

    Researchers from Samsung Labs have developed a way to create high-resolution avatars, or deepfakes, from a single still frame photo or even a painting.

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  • Moose Podcast #301 ? ?What Can You Add to Your Equation??

    What Can You Add to Your Equation ", we look at what little thing, from digital darkroom, technique to gear that is being overlooked that might just change your photography.

  • Apple?s iOS 16 ?Lift and Drop? Photo Feature Looks Impressive

    Apple's iOS 16 for its iPhones is coming later this year, and one feature in particular looks just as impressive as Apple promised it would be back in June: the "lift and drop" capability, otherwise known as Live Objects.

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  • Moose Podcast #300 ? ?You?ll Make It!

    More than once when I thought, felt, believed I wasn't going to get there, someone or something let me know, you'll make it.

  • Moose Podcast #299 ? ?Deborah Sandidge ? A Conversation?

    World Photography, what Deb has under her name on her website describes so well all she does. We cover new gear, old gear, blurs, wildlife, travel, business and so much more in our hour conversation. You can listen in and hear all we covered.

  • Drone Pilot Uses Infrared and 180x Zoom to Save Animals from Disaster

    Aerial cinematographer Doug Thron uses a commercial drone equipped with both an infrared and a normal camera to detect and save trapped animals from disaster zones -- including most recently in Ukraine.

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  • Moose Podcast #298 ? ?1st Summer ?22 Questions?

    Great questions, here are my answers to Workflow, # 1 PS Tool, Camera & Heat and much more!

  • Photographer Captures the ISS Crossing the Sun From His Backyard

    Astrophotographer Jamie Cooper captured an incredible photograph of the International Space Station passing in front of the sun from his backyard garden.

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    NASA issues rebuke to Russia for using space station as war propaganda [Technology News - The Washington Post]
    NASA issues rare rebuke to Russia for using the space station as war propaganda [Business Policy and Regulation News - The Washington Post]
  • Instagram is Testing Age Verification Through Facial Scanning

    Instagram has announced that it is testing three new ways to verify the ages of its users in the United States, including a partnership with Yoti that estimates age based on a facial scan.

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  • Moose Podcast #297 ? ?Spring Qtr Questions ?22?

    You had some great questions, cards, ACR masking, AI Cloud Repl, AA Batteries, Shooting and critters on my wantlist, your questions, my answers!

  • Latest Lightroom Update Adds Video Editing, Red Eye Removal, and More

    Adobe is updating Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC with multiple new features, including adding red eye removal and the ability to edit video to Lightroom CC which brings full feature parity between the two programs closer.

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  • Moose Podcast #296 ? ?Aviation Weekend Shoot Prep?

    Just what do I do to get ready for a shoot, aviation weekend shoot? That's a great question so I dedicated this Podcast to answering it. There was so much, I ever recorded my first addendum!

  • KEEN is a New 4G-Connected Remote Controlled Pan/Tilt Trail Camera

    Home Security camera company Reolink has developed a new trail camera called the KEEN Ranger PT, which can capture 4K video in a 360-degree sweep and upload it via a 4G LTE connection for remote viewing.

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  • Apple Announces MacOS Ventura with Stage Manager Organization Tool

    Apple has revealed a new version of macOS named Ventura that includes a new Stage Manager organization tool.

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