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  • Moose Podcast #331 ? ?With Time You Realize How Much You Don?t Know?

    Seems a bit like an ever ending circle but actually, it's a straight line path of encouragement and better photography!

  • Moose Podcast #330 ? ?Jan ?23 Your Questions?

    Your '23 ?s were pilling up so here are answers to Fast Cards, buying used gear, how I pick the next lens I'll buy, SB-5000 flashes and Field Craft & Field Ethics, and more!

  • Moose Podcast #329 ? ?The Feeder Game?

    Bird feeders or more accurately, supplemental feeding of wild birds serves so many usual roles in today's world. For us, they are a great resource of delight and photography. That's if, you play the Feeder Game!

  • Instagram Launches ?Quiet Mode? and Better Recommendation Controls

    Instagram has added a new "Quiet Mode" setting aimed at setting focus and screen time boundaries. Quiet Mode allows users to not only turn off notifications but also to make it clear to others when they're spending time off Instagram.

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  • Moose Podcast #328 ? ?Your Secret Recipe?

    "You keep giving away your recipe, why?" was recently asked me. What is my secret recipe and more importantly, can it be yours leading to greater success? I'm going to share with you!

  • Neurapix Learns Your Photo Style and Can Edit 600 Images a Minute

    Germany-based startup Neurapix says it has created an artificial intelligence-based software that can learn from previously edited images and apply it to new photos at a blistering speed of up to 600 photos per minute.

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  • New Eco-Friendly Film Lab Lets You Pick Which Photos to Print from a Roll

    Analogue Wonderland has created what it calls an eco-friendly system that lets photographers select only the shots they want printed from a full roll of film.

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  • Moose Podcast #327 ? ?Hello Fresh!?

    We get inspired by a photo we see. We follow the recipe step by step, ingredient by ingredient and in the end, we don't like what we've created. By the photo looked so tasty, why not satisfied? Let's look.

  • Moose Podcast #326 ? ?A New Year Anew?

    Not buying new gear, less social, more birds, writing, stock, videos and much more. It's a new year and time to set some goals, resolution, a new year anew!

  • Moose Podcast #325 ? ?Not What it Seems?

    As creatives, we are very susceptible to influences outside our control that our imaginations can take advantage of. Don't! It's not what is seems!

  • The 2022 Grid

  • Singing In The Rain With Frankie

  • Yole webinar on SWIR applications for consumer markets

    Yole published a webinar on SWIR imaging potential applications for mass market:





  • Moose Podcast #324 ? ?Some Winter Questions?

    Where should a amateur start? Photographing waterfowl in winter, best way to learn photoshop? Cabin fever cure and what's on my Christmas list is some of what's in this episode.

  • Moose Podcast #323 ? ?Know the Story First?

    in clearing the mind, packing the right kit, picking the f/stop and when to go click, it might just clear the path to that one photograph.

  • Moose Podcast #322 ? ?Imposter Syndrome??

    Until over a week ago, I had never heard of this nor knew that I should be suffering from it. You know what it is? You suffer from it?

  • Ep. 375: Don?t Be a Firmware Guinea Pig ? and more

    Episode 375 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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    Featured: Landscape photographer, Felix Inden

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  • Moose Podcast #321 ? ?FOMO?

    FOMO is something all photographers suffer from. Most don't know they have the infliction or more sadly, how it negatively affects their photography. Here's how I got past it.

  • Moose Podcast #320 ? ?Winter Prep?

    With winter here comes lower temperatures making shooting at times, chilling. Well, we can shoot, stay warm and have fun even at -30. Here's the gear I use to do just that!

  • Ep. 374: Fuji?s X-T5 and Canon?s R6 Mark II ? and more

    Episode 374 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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    Featured: Aviation photographer, Bradley Wentzel

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