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  • [PetaPixel] First-Ever Video Footage of an Extremely Rare Box Jellyfish: A diver off the coast of Papua New Guinea recorded gorgeous footage of a box jellyfish. On its own, the footage is spectacular but is even more impressive since this is only the second time this species has ever been documented. [Read More]
  • [Hacker News] BlenderBot 3: A 175B parameter, publicly available chatbot: Comments
  • [Hacker News] Launch HN: Taro (YC S22) ? Private engineer community focused on career growth: Comments
  • [Hacker News] Patent Act requires an ?inventor? to be a natural person, not an AI [pdf]: Comments
  • [PetaPixel] Man Takes a Drill to his Camera Sensor in Gut-Wrenching Video: First photographers on TikTok were scratching their lenses, now the ante has been upped significantly with a video showing a camera sensor destroyed by a drill. [Read More]
  • [Hacker News] DreamWorks Animation to Release MoonRay as Open Source: Comments
  • [Hacker News] I was at Woodstock ?99 and it destroyed my innocence: Comments
  • [PetaPixel] Spectacular and Unusual Photo of an Osprey Gliding on the Water?s Surface: Photographer Andy Woo captured the perfect moment of an osprey gliding on the surface of a body of water, an unusual and spectacular photo of the wild raptor. [Read More]
  • [Hacker News] The Overlooked Indian Dynasties: On Anirudh Kanisetti?s ?Lords of the Deccan?: Comments
  • [PetaPixel] Colorized Photos Bring Influential Women Back to Life: Digital colorist Marina Amaral can spend anywhere from three hours to three weeks breathing new life into old black and white photographs. [Read More]
  • [Hacker News] Apple warns Taiwanese suppliers to label ?China? on badges: Comments
  • [Hacker News] Italy, Intel close to $5B deal for chip factory: Comments
  • [Hacker News] Plan B for UUIDs: double AES-128: Comments
  • [Hacker News] Enough with the Notifications: Comments
  • [Hacker News] More Privacy and Transparency for DuckDuckGo Web Tracking Protections: Comments
  • [Hacker News] French Scientist's Photo of ?Distant Star? Was Chorizo: Comments
  • [Hacker News] Nix: Taming Unix with Functional Programming: Comments
  • [Hacker News] French mayor demands ?15,000 fee to climb Mont Blanc: Comments
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